In the evening our location is transformed thanks to the play of light, the large mirrors and the effects of the ledwall that create a suggestive and refined atmosphere, ideal for a demanding and selected public.

The elegant and modern surroundings and the excellent reception standards make Quantic an important reference point for exclusive events.

The space is located inside a period building, in the heart of the historic center, furnished with armchairs and sofas with ample seating, with designer lighting and the possibility, thanks to the large windows that open onto a pleasant outdoor area, to enjoy of the feeling of continuity between the inside and outside.

Lounge Bar

The proposal offers a selection of creative and international cocktails, prepared by our bartenders using top quality products, fresh fruit and spices. Also on our list there are the most prized champagne to satisfy the most demanding palates.

A stone’s throw from the Milan Cathedral

The beauty of the setting in which the Quantic is found does not clash with the “inconvenience”, in fact, especially in the evening, it is very easy to reach and does not present any difficulty in parking.

Fun and style

For those looking for a place at the top of Milan nightclub, Quantic represents a point of arrival with its modern design, its selected clientele and only the latest musical trends directly influenced by lbiza, the world capital of entertainment.

Local Partner


Via A. di Tocqueville, 11 – 20154 Milano
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Viale Monte Grappa, 14 – 20124 Milano
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Corso Sempione, 7 – 20145 Milano
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